Curación de una niña en Shoubra, Egipto

One of the innumerable miracles that occurred during the apparitions of our Lady in Saint Demiana church, Papadouplo, Shoubra is the following miracle which was published in Watani weekly newspaper on Sunday, June 1st, 1986 (P. 5, 3rd column):

The mother of Theresa Soliman Youssef (6 years old) reports the miracle that the Blessed Holy Virgin Mary did to her daughter: Theresa had lost vision in her right eye after a tricot needle pierced this eye and injured the cornea and eye lens, causing traumatic cataract. The girl was unable to see using this eye; this occurred on November 17, 1984.

On December 5, 1984, the child was operated upon to remove the destroyed lens in order to use an external replacement contact lens thereafter, but the right eye condition deteriorated due to a secondary purulent infection. Theresa's mother continues saying:

On Sunday, May 18, 1986, I took my daughter and we went to Saint Demiana church in El-Teraa El-Boolakia, Shoubra. After receiving the Holy Communion, we ascended to the church's balcony and stood there with the crowd. And suddenly, a strong light shone from the right side of the veil of the altar. My daughter raised her hand towards the source of light, then wiped her sick eye with her palm and suddenly shouted exultantly:

I can see mother... I can see mother!

She could put her hand over her left (good) eye and still see with her right eye which was once blind.

Dr. Fayez Akhnoukh, who also serves at Saint Demiana church, examined the child, tested the visual acuity of both of her eyes, and found that the girl could now see using her right eye which was healed miraculously. Father Raphael El-Anba Bishoy who was at this time helping Father Heg. Abdel Messih El-Sherbeeni, the church priest, has recorded and documented this miracle.

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