Elías, María y el Carmelo

Bostius continually calls Mary Patron of Carmel: “She specially is, and is truly called Patron of Carmel and of Carmelites”; “the renowned Mother of God Mary the most admirable Patron of Carmel”.[117] Mary is also Mistress and Teacher of Carmel: the Carmelites of that holy time were recognised as drawing from a living fountain, from the most perfect teacher of religious life, from the shining mirror of all modesty, virtue and nobility.

He summarizes her teaching: By one word, like a thorough teacher she embraced all the commands of the Lord when she said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you” (see Jn 2:5)

She is the Guide of Carmel. She is joined with Elijah in having a care for the Order; she is Carmel's Protector.[120] Elijah is seen as having neither died nor entered heaven; Mary takes his place. Bostius recounts a vision in which she says: As long as the world lasts, it shall always have a protector. I am the chariot and the charioteer of Carmel, in place of its father. I rule those orphaned of a father; I am mother instead. I store the affairs of Carmel in my heart; I, the mother, copiously nourish those born of Carmel.

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