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September 4, 1986
I am now over 60, unbaptized, and have never been a member of any church. I was at one time an atheist. Practiced occultism to a certain degree. Finally became interested in the Bible 25 to 30 years ago. I became convinced of its authenticity and the truths of prophecies. I listened to many conservative fundamentalist protestant preachers on radio and T.V. and believed in their teachings of saving through grace and that every word in the Bible, including miracles, is the Divine Revelation of God.
At this time, I married a Catholic widow, who has been devout her entire life. She was very distressed with my lack of desire to become baptized. I didn`t believe I was worthy of Heaven, with or without baptism. Until recently I was completely disillusioned with the Catholic religion, with the early Popes, who were kings, the inquisition and the biblical prophecies of the Antichrist. I didn`t believe in sacramentals, Rosaries and the Sacraments. I did believe in prayer however. In spite of this I agreed to take a course on becoming a Catholic. At the conclusion I was further away from believing in the Church than before. The watering down of the Bible with each person allowed to judge for himself whether to accept or reject The Miracles [mentioned in the Bible], didn`t coincide with my beliefs. The poor dress codes of the Catholic Church-goers as opposed to many protestant church-goers was another stumblingblock. At this time I was ready to join a fundamentalist church to be baptized.
In the meantime we happened to hear the messages from Bayside with Veronica Lueken on radio. We agreed to get messages and read it with the same spirit in which I originally read the Bible, prove me herewith. If anything were to contradict the Bible, we would stop getting them. We ordered Roses book II, after starting to read that, couldn`t wait to order the rest of the books and tapes, crucifixes and medals. The messages contained everything that I thought is wrong with the world with the music, movies, morals, T.V., radio, newspapers, E.R.A., gay rights, etc. The messages spared no one in their criticism of the modern trends in the Church and in society in general. With the messages of reverence, prayer, penance, Bible reading and remaining in the Church as an example, I thought it covered just about everything one needs to know to trust their eternity upon.
I have been blessed with a wonderful wife who has been ever an inspiration to me. Now the only goals in life are taking care of her, getting baptized as soon as possible and living as near as possible to the directions in the Bible and in the messages from Bayside.
I just found out that I will be baptized in October.
I believe that my wife`s prayers led me to the one source that could convert me to Catholicism.
I attribute my conversion to the messages from Jesus and Mary at Bayside through Veronica Lueken.
Thank You Very Much,

from Ferndale, Maryland


Dear people:
During this past Holy Week, all my family together, had the opportunity to see through a T.V. programme the the amazing video of the holy Virgin of the Roses.
I have to tell you that I had never heard about this Virgin and Her fabulous story of miracles. But after the programme, I learned from the boyfriend of one of my daughters, the following story:
His brother Eduardo Rojas, had a very bad accident in San Jose, capital of Costa Rica when driving his employer's pick-up. He crashed against a large truck, front to front, and when picked up by the ambulance of the Red Cross he was almost dead. He was taken to the hospital, with many injuries but being the worst that his liver was completely cut in pieces. As everybody knows, nobody can survive without [a] liver. Doctors gave no hope but God`s will. Literally his liver was placed into a bag made out of a special tissue and waited. His mother was, thanks God, visiting her family in Costa Rica as she has her permanent address in New York. When she advised her husband there in New York, he immediately by return air mail forwarded ONE PETAL OF ROSE from the Virgin of the Roses. This petal was place under the pillow of Eduardo, and suddenly he started to recover, and recover, left the hospital, and is by now 90% recovered and ready to go back to work.
We consider this as a miracle, and are anxious to have at home one petal of the roses from the Virgin. I would like to have 4 of them, one for each of my married children`s family.... May the Virgin of the Roses bless you and the rest of the people of your Church. My church is San Vicente, in Moravia, Costa Rica.
Your sister in the faith,

from Moravia, Costa Rica


May 12, 1988
Dear Veronica,
I started smoking at 18 years old. I always loved the smell of smoke. By age 62 I smoked 3-4 packs a day. I even woke up at night from sleep desiring a cigarette. I was addicted. I had a terrible temper which I would unlease on anyone who would dare to take it away. I`d tell my friends leave me to my one bad poison. One day I fell down in the street twice. I was having a stroke. I prayed so hard to Our Blessed Mother in the hospital, to help me not to smoke. I couldn't do it on my own. I even went to be hypnotized. It didn`t work.
I`d close my eyes take a deep breath, kiss the holy rose and pray. I could hardly believe I had no desire.
I never had withdrawals of any bad day. All my friends & relatives can`t believe it.
It's 2 years and my health is fine. I tell everyone about my miracle & blessing from Our Lady of Roses.
God Bless & keep you well, from all harm.
I pray the roses are sent all over the world to help more people who need it more than I. I wish I could meet you so I can tell many other things that have happened to me and others. Thank you for caring.
Please send me more roses to give to others.


June 20th 1988
Dear Ones,
At age 84 years, facing an operation for Cataracts, I visited my doctor for the last time prior to the surgery.
Hurriedly he left the room to bring my previous chart for comparison.
He came back, eyes bulging, his face expressing complete amazement. "You are a very lucky lady", he blurted," your vision has greatly improved, in fact it is very good. There is no need for surgery. "He prescribed my first new glasses in well over a year. Unknown to him I had been pressing blessed rose petals to my eyes. There is no natural way to give new vision to an 84 year old person without surgery.
Our Lady of the Roses gave it to me!

from Vineland, NJ


Dearest Mother,
Peace & Blessings!
I`m so glad to let you and the whole would knows that through the miraculous rose petal blessed by Virgin Mary that you`ve sent to me, my brother, Quintin Beltran Jr., was cured from his illness TB, and now he`s strong and now in good health condition.
Thank you & God bless you!
your child,

from Bacacoy, Albay, Philippines

November 16, 1988
Dear Veronica:
I wanted to write to tell you what happened to me.
I was told by my eye specialist that I have glaucoma, an incurable eye disease. He gave me drops to put in my eyes day and night. This was to prevent the condition from worsening. It took awhile to find the correct medicine for my condition. He saw me every 10 days, trying different medication. Thereafter he saw me every 3 months.
Meanwhile my daughter was praying to Our Lady of the Roses and Jesus for a cure for my eye disease. She knew I had other things wrong with me, including sugar diabetes.
We both went to the vigil on October 1, 1988 (the evening of St. Theresa and the Guardian Angels) In the Rosary Procession, my daughter prayed for me, and did smell the roses. She touched my eyes with the rose petals they gave her and we were very emotional.
When I went to the eye doctor a week later, he told me that the eyes were healthy and there was no sign of the glaucoma. I was speechless. We attribute this cure to Our Lady of the Roses and St. Theresa.
It was then we remembered that when we went to the vigil on October 1, we had been told that St. Theresa would be giving out cures for the ill and the disabled that evening.

November 22, 1988
A man who is ailing with cancer of the liver was hospitalized. His X-ray result showed that he has already an incurable one. Upon learning of his ailment, I sent him the medal, petals, and Scapular, with instruction to wear them, pray with confidence to Our Blessed Mother. This man doesn't go to confession . . . in short a lukewarm Catholic. When my sisters visited him at the hospital, they convinced him to go to confession and to ask for help from above. According to his wife after they left, he decided to go confession, the next morning the priest came and he made his reconciliation with God.
They released him from the hospital and now he is as good as if he never got sick . . . no medication was given to him, not even vitamins. He knows that soon his time will be up, so he goes around doing the good things that he can do. He has become an apostle of Our Lady and Jesus. He gives moral courage to those afflicted with cancer as there is also another one . . . hopeless like him. So we see the miracle of God to those whom He wants to help.
Please pray for us here in the Philippines as we are in confusion. Our countrymen are trying to grab the power of our officials, communism is the problem and those who want to be the rulers. There is too much pride, selfishness and avarice going on in our country. So please help us to ask Our Blessed Mother and Jesus to keep peace in our land.
Thank you. I hope to receive the "messages" soon.
God bless you all. Sincerely yours,

from the Philippines

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